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Do you often find yourself losing the motivation to complete long exercise routines? Do you doubt your progress or just feel bogged down by the arduous nature of walking, jogging, swimming, or hiking?

Today, we’ll be shedding some light on the most common injuries affecting the most mobile joint in the human body: the shoulder.

As we age, it is essential to take proper care of our bones and joints. From dietary supplements to exercises that promote osteogenesis, there are many things you can add to your daily routine to ...

We’ve talked quite a bit about osteoarthritis (OA), the most prevalent arthritic condition, but as we mentioned before…OA is only one of many bone and joint conditions.

If you're a regular runner, injury can, unfortunately, come with the territory. While running gives you so many health benefits -- like keeping your cardiovascular health and body in shape -- the ...

  We’ve talked quite a bit about omega-3 fatty acids lately. It’s not all in vain; omega-3 fatty acids are very beneficial for not only our bones and joints but also for nearly every cell in our body!

When you hear the word “aerobics,” you might think of Richard Simmons and the classic aerobics videos that were popular in the 80’s.

There are tons and tons of abbreviations and acronyms within the realm of health and nutrition. If you experience pain in your joints and increased stiffness in muscles, you may have stumbled across ...

You agreed to play tennis this Saturday morning with your two close friends. You’re a little nervous because it’s been a while since you lasted played and they’re regulars at the courts. You decide ...

Joint pain and inflammation is “no joke.”

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